Our manufacturing facility is located in India.  Cotton is sourced from only GOTS/FLO Fair-trade certified farms and mills.  Every company in the chain are regularly audited to ensure eco-friendly and ethical practices.  Workers are fairly compensated and interest free loans are available for them for their personal needs.  Benefits such as, medical benefits, pension plans, education for their children are made available.  Our manufacturing process is eco-friendly and sustainable.  Everyone in the process is paid fairly starting from the farmers, to workers, to people stitching your clothes.  100% inspection is performed on each garment to ensure you receive the best quality product.  It is extremely important for us that everyone along the chain is happy, or shall we say we manufacture clothes with a heart…

Cutting ProcessStitching

Custom Manufacturing Services -

We also manufacture custom products and can fulfill any specific manufacturing requirements at competitive rates depending on the number of units ordered.  We also manufacture event products, such as, t-shirts and bags with screen printing facilities.