Scott was born in Canada’s national capital city, Ottawa, Ontario, in the mid 70’s.  But since then he has lived for extended periods of time in both England and the United States. His writing style displays nuances and rich, cultural elements, and influences from both of these other countries.

He was raised by academics that left the United States, immigrated to Canada during the McCarthy era, and adopted two wonderful children.  Scott's parents raised him and his younger sister on a healthy diet of health foods, organics -- before “organics” was a thing --, equal and human rights.  Some of his favorite memories of his youth include his mother’s neighborhood readings and their family discussions around the dinner table.

Writing has always been his passion.  He written articles for newspapers, magazines, and online publications as well as independent film scripts and dramatic short stories. 

Scott's aim is to launch a blog and website in 2017, focusing on his love for the equity, sustainability and the complexity of human communication; to be a voice of transformation in the world.