Our scarves are made of fine wool and silk, natural fibres being used for centuries to create a magic.  In today’s world when we are moving towards modernization to create a perfect piece with lightening speed, we are losing that special touch that a skilled artisan would give to each piece they create.   We are forgetting these special artists who put their heart and soul into each piece.   Moving ahead in our path of sustainability we partnered with Fair Trade Certified suppliers who support these artisans market their products globally.  These artisans are  members of cooperatives and non-profit organizations and most often, the entire village is involved in some aspect of the craft - from dyeing the yarn to setting the loom, weaving and hand-tasseling.  The emphasis is not on highlighting an individual artisan, as each piece represents a collective effort in which many hands and hearts have contributed to its making.  Every purchase of our scarves benefits these artisan groups sustain their lives and enables them to pass their rich traditions onto the next generation.  It also helps to ensure that these artisans gain greater economic and social freedom and can effect lasting changes in their lives, the lives of their children, and their communities.  Join us as we commit to fair trade, people-centred, and eco-friendly practices to keep traditional handicrafts alive.