Disconnect - For the Love of Self

- Scott Russell 

A silent mind is a blissful place to reside.  Coming to the realization that we are all born perfect.  It’s not until we learn to see through critical eyes, objectifying our own subjective reality; the belief of things being as they are, unchangeable or impossible, is a comfort only sought after by an overwhelmed mind.

Only after paying attention to my thoughts and realizing that I didn’t have the command over them that I had only assumed I must since after all they are my thoughts, right?  I’ve concluded that the answer is a firm yes and no.  For on one hand I am, or at least my heart and mind are the center of divine operation but on the other hand I am sure that I have actually created these ruminations; they are as a collage is to a tapestry.

We have experienced a lifetime of considerations, contemplations, and experiences that individually we have wrapped up in our own unique perceptions of life lived.  No mater where we run there we are.  Love yourself in the moment especially if you find that love counter intuitive.  Embrace your self talk and be kind.

I have hated aspects of my self or decisions that I made, all in retrospect of course, but like I’m sure a lot of us have experienced at one time or another we can be too judgemental and critical.  Perspective; the reasons why we hate ourselves can be overwhelming and nonsensical but in the moment, seem to take on a life of their own.  And quizzically we allow ignorance to blind us.  Funny how easy it is to hate and how difficult it seems to be to love.  Fight the lie.  You, your personality is a celestial perspective on being.

As under emphasized as it may be there is a real need to listen more in our western culture.  And not only to the needs of other people but most importantly to our own silent and persistent voice.  A quiet mind and still patient adherence to a defined goal or if a goal is needed then just the pure resolute discipline to go after a goal is enough as long as there is are no alternative thoughts as to the attainment of that goal.  Dream and be bold.  Desire and uphold.  Strive to be greater and develop more of yourself into whomever you want to be.

Self development is all about striving though there is no direction other than what you desire and what motivates you to action.  And amount quantity has little to do with it. 

Mindsets are beliefs about who you perceive yourself to be in contrast with the other people in your life.  And comparatively how your most basic qualities match up to the prevalent societal expectations. Think about your intelligence, your talents, your personality, these are qualities that you can cultivate and nurture throughout your life.  Talk about reincarnation on earth.

Paying attention, pay it forward, be aware of what excites and inspires you.  Self-love is awareness and acceptance.



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