Female Inspiration: The Divine spark that sets it all in motion

- By Scott Russell (Scott was born in Canada’s national capital city, Ottawa, Ontario, in the mid 70’s.  But since then he has lived for extended periods of time in both England and the United States. His writing style displays nuances and rich, cultural elements, and influences from both of these other countries.Writing has always been his passion.  He has written articles for newspapers, magazines, and online publications as well as independent film scripts and dramatic short stories. )

Creating Herself 

Inspiration is an omnipresent formless substance; imperceptible and but at the same time palpable and available for use when needed most.  But don’t pressure her; that won’t get you anywhere.  She is gentle and as delicate as a fleeting thought.

The Inspiration that Inspires

It’s as soft as a whisper of hot flame that jumps,

at the chance to ignite the soul.

Silent but deadly if given the breath of conviction,

and the sagacity of acknowledgement;

there she stands poised with a decision,

to be… for there is no other way

Inspiration is a total enveloping, though sometimes gradual, feeling of inner knowing.  All be it fleeing since it takes a lot more than mere inspiration to move mountains.  Inspiration definitely is the ego spirt of brilliance that ignites intention and drives desire.

Inspiration can come from anywhere but when inspiration is rooted in several ongoing and developing ideologies it can be very powerful.

Take a prevailing ideology and turn it on its head.  Present a non-conventional viewpoint and mix in some stereotype breaking visual evidence and there you have it you’ve got the making of an inspiration.  And maybe the best kind of inspiration because you can place your own thoughts around it without having to block out the noise of others.

Deal with yourself as an individual worthy of respect and make everyone else deal with you the same way

Nikki Giovanni

Where do we pull inspiration from?  Is it dormant inside of us or does it surround us all the time only forming when we realized that it is needed to propel us forward.

Looking outside of ourselves we can appreciate when someone has the fortitude and vulnerability to be strong or to be selfless, creative or innovative in the face of obscurity.  It is, I believe, okay to look outside of ourselves to find inspiration but unfortunately I feel that this is where most women stop looking and fail to realize the greatness that plays within them.

Aim to continually inspire yourself.   That might mean facing some of your fears or anxieties square on.

No matter what you feel like you have or haven’t achieved you can always chose to inspire others.  It doesn’t matter if you feel that you have not yet achieved all of your goals, and even if you feel like you have reached a low point in your life, you can always inspire someone else.  Giving back and inspiring

Giving back is powerful

Don’t chase after inspiration flirt with it and allow it to entice you.  Don’t get frustrated or angry.  Remain calm

Five ways to inspire herself and others around her:

Treat Yourself: remember to take time to treat yourself as you treat the loved ones in your personal life.  I can only image just how much of yourself you put out there making sure other people fell loved and remembered.  We if you’re not taking the time to bestow that same kind of love back your way than you are depleting your source.  I know it seems never ending and in truth it is.  But you are actually aging yourself and rushing your way to your own illness and dis-ease.  Go easy on yourself.

Solitude: don’t be afraid of this so important friend of all humanity.  Be alone with yourself and learn to value and love this precious time.  It is at these quite times that you can get to know yourself and develop, nurture, and learn to trust this shadow self that is much more important than our current culture maintains.  It is responsible for our male and female “midlife crisis”.  Which is actually a perfectly time jolt out of business as usual.  

Give Back: you can never go wrong with give back or giving forward for that matter.

Help Others: this goes hand-in-hand with giving back but it asks a little more of you

So please write, keep a journal but write and write as often as you can

Economies of scale us it to build business opportunities and realize great ventures.  After all, inspiration, like so many other things, is suggestable.  What works for one person or group of people could anger another group.

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