Panaashe Organics believes in Quality of Life. It is not just the absence of disease but the presence of physical, mental and social well-being. We have therefore strived to bring to our Customers Organic and Eco-friendly Clothes that combine comfort, style and luxurious fabric that is both Ethically manufactured and is Fair Trade.  We have also made an effort, and will continue to do, towards Women's Empowerment by promoting products handmade by women rescued from human trafficking; thereby restoring their dignity and empowering them.


Our manufacturing Partners use fabrics like:


Organic Cotton

•   Organic cotton represents a return to safe and sustainable practices. It is grown with natural fertilizers and is free from toxic chemicals.    

•   Organic production systems replenish and maintain soil fertility, reduce the use of toxic and persistent pesticides and fertilizers, build biologically diverse agriculture and promote balance of ecosystems.



•   Modal is a type of rayon fabric made from fibers of the beech tree.

•   Modal’s distinguishing characteristics are its high wet strength and its extra softness.

•   It is sometimes referred to as “soft as a feather” and the “softest fiber in the world.



•   Made from recycled plastic bottles which provides strength, elasticity and durability to the fabric.




Imagine a beautiful, abundant, healthy planet for future generations. 

Our Vision is a world where People want to contribute and become a conscious force in the supply chain of the clothes they wear. 

The three pillars of our company vision include: Simplicity, Eco-Consciousness and Women's Empowerment. 

We get great satisfaction from knowing that our work and our organization are positive forces in the world.